5 Best Fishing Spots in Australia

Local and foreign visitors alike know that the best way to explore Australia is by land, whether by car, camper van, or a four-wheel drive. There’s just too much to see (and do) on the ground that will be missed if you travel by air.

When you’re driving, you can easily stop whenever you like at any point of your trip. Driving on Australia’s kilometers of beautiful coastline, for example, presents plenty of tempting opportunities to just stop, take a swim, or just laze on the beach for a while. In some areas, you can even stop for a bit of fishing.

Indeed, there are many off-the-beaten-tracks and secluded drives in Australia that features marvelous fishing holes that are too beautiful to ignore. If you’re planning on going on an off-road adventure with your 4WD, make sure to bring your fishing gear and head for these highly-recommended fishing spots Down Under.

Gippsland, Victoria

A few hours from Melbourne, on the southern coast of Victoria, lies the Gippsland region. It is home to few humans, ancient jungles, estuaries, and the Ninety Mile Beach, the third longest uninterrupted beach in the world best explored with a 4WD. It also has two great fishing spots: Mallacoota and Tamboon. Fishers here have caught flathead as big as five kilograms.

Those who want to explore the many fishing spots in the Gippsland Lakes regions choose to stay at Lakes Entrance, a small and quaint town that is an attraction in itself. With its beautiful scenery and good climate, the area does make for a memorable fishing expedition.

Exmouth, Western Australia

A two-day drive from Perth will bring you to Exmouth, a city whose close proximity to the continental shelf and the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef brought hundreds of fish species nearby. Snorkeling or glass-bottom boats can give you a peek at the 500 or so species of fish and more than 200 varieties of coral that call the Reef home.

With its abundant marine life even outside the sanctuary zones and its clear blue waters, Exmouth is definitely one of the best fishing spots in Australia. Catch some marlin here, as well as a lot of Spanish mackerel and even some sailfish.

There are also a lot of protected species in the region that are a sight to behold, including dolphins, humpback whales, and the huge, beautiful, and gentle whale shark.

Broome, Western Australia

You can find lots of incredible fishing opportunities in this region, primarily because not too many people live here. Broome, the pearling capital of Australia, in particular, is one of the best places to go fishing.

Don’t just pop over there and fish though. To maximize the experience, travel up the coast towards Broome in a 4WD, and stop at the 80 Mile Beach along the way. There are good fishing spots there where you can catch salmon as soon as you throw your line into the water.

Broome, famous for the Cable Beach sunsets and its beautiful 22-kilometer white sand beaches, is definitely one of the best places to check out if you want a fishing adventure.

Cape Arid, Esperance

Cape Arid National Park, an hour’s drive from Esperance, has some of the best beaches and fishing spots in Australia. The West Australian Salmon are aplenty here, as well as King George Whiting, Mulloway, and even squid, among many others.

Cape Arid is more than just about fishing (and beach fishing) though. This undeveloped paradise is also known for its fine white sand beaches, whale watching, and bushwalking. It can easily be reached by driving along the coast in a 4WD.

Shark Bay Region

The Shark Bay region, a highly popular spot for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and 4WD adventures, is around an eight-hour drive from Perth. In 1991, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list for its incredible biodiversity and natural beauty, as well as for its fascinating ecology.

Outside the sanctuary zones, both boat- and shore-based fishing is world-class. You can find pink snapper, red emperor, mackerel, and even the baldchin groper in the area. If you just want to admire the wildlife, there are the dolphins in Monkey Mia and large groups of dugongs. You will find abundant plant and animal life here, too, some which can only be found in the area and nowhere else in the world.

There are so many more wonderful fishing spots Down Under. With more than 20,000 kilometers of coastline, Australia will never run out of best spots for fishing.

photo credit: freiheit via photopin cc

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