A City in Nature


If you’re visiting a city, you could be mistaken for thinking that you are simply going to throw yourself into metropolis life, and you’re not really going to see anything particularly natural or remote. Well, with most cities in the world this is certainly the truth, however when you look towards Brisbane, the differences show for themselves.

Put simply, there are more than enough activities in laid-back Brisbane to keep even the most active of visitors happy, but when you throw in the plentiful outdoor activities on offer too, your city break becomes something entirely different. Of course, you need to check your accommodation needs before you start thinking about activities to enjoy whilst you’re there, and the cost of that impacts on what you can allow yourself to enjoy during your trip. There are many hotels in Brisbane, and many of them cater for different budget requirements – shop around and see what you find to suit you.

If you feel the need for adrenaline, Brisbane will certainly tick many boxes for you. How about a climb to the top of Storey Bridge? The vantage point will give you some views to blow your mind, that’s for sure, which stretch right across the city and passing hinterland. If that isn’t adrenaline pumping enough for you, how about a tandem sky dive over the city, or a rock climbing adventure?

Moreton Island is a short drive away from the city and you can enjoy a four wheel drive expedition, before heading off for a spot of snorkelling at the Tangalooma wrecks. Of course, Australia Zoo is a must visit too, made famous by Steve Irwin, where you can explore the wildlife of the area from a safer vantage point!

Abseiling fans should head to Kangaroo Point cliffs, or the Glass house Mountains, where you will be able to truly taken in the breath-taking view across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

If you are more into wildlife, and you’ve already been to Australia Zoo, why not book an excursion to Stradbroke Island? You can enjoy time on the stunning beaches, before trying a wildlife guided tour; here you will find kangaroos and koalas, as well as native birds.

We can’t forget the surrounding rainforest when talking about the Brisbane area, and O’Reilly’s Lamington National Park is a World Heritage listed region. Many people dream of a famous canopy walk, and here you can do that, whilst also enjoying the stunning, scenic view to the top of Mount Tamborine, with endless wildlife spotting opportunities, and some breath-taking and colourful birds to look out for.

Brisbane is certainly not just a city full of nightlife, shopping, gastronomy, and business, but a city that somehow manages to blend all of that with the natural habitat which surrounds it. If you’re looking for a city that ticks every box imaginable, with a seriously laid-back vibe thrown in for good measure, this is the place for you!

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