A Region of Paradise


The world is becoming a much smaller place these days, thanks to low cost airlines and lowered prices of travel overall. This means that more and more of us can experience some of the most luxurious, far-flung, and beautiful destinations the planet has to offer – great news!

The Caribbean is certainly one of the most sought after places to visit, and whether you choose to base yourself on one island, perhaps renting your very own Caribbean beach house, or you decide to venture around a few, you can certainly make your Caribbean experience one to remember with ease.

Of course, you really need to think about where you’re going to go! The Caribbean is not just one destinations, but several islands which make up this paradise archipelago. Whilst island hopping is certainly gaining popularity, and ferries between certain islands are easier to catch than ever before, many people do choose to pick one island and explore it to the max. Is this something you’re planning on doing? Firstly, you need to identify your type of vacation, e.g. a hopping vacation, or a stay vacation. From there, you can narrow down your island.

The next question is what types of activities are wanting to enjoy? Many islands have similar attractions on offer, but certain islands are known for specific things, e.g. the Dominican Republic is ideal for anyone who loves nature and outdoor activities, such as ziplining and adventure sports, whereas St Kitts & Nevis is fantastic for golfing. If you have a particular activity in mind, do some research into which island is going to be best for your needs.

There is city life to enjoy too, so if this is something that interests you, perhaps head to an island which has a big, vibrant city to explore. How about Kingston in Jamaica, or Havana in Cuba? It’s very easy to pair city life and beach time in these type of places, and you’ll find trips which take you from the main beach resorts to the cities, usually with an overnight stay. Of course, you could do this on your own steam, which would give you more time to explore a little more. Cities are fantastic for really learning about the culture and way of life on an island, away from the mass tourism influence that tends to be based in beach resorts.

Of course, no matter which island you venture to, there is always going to be a beautiful beach or ten to relax on! The beaches in the Caribbean are like nowhere else on earth; picture the scene if you will – white, powder soft sand, translucent blue sea with the odd colourful fish swimming around your feet, the gentle sway of the surrounding palm trees, a comfortable sun-lounger to relax on, and warm sun beating down. Is there a more relaxing and idyllic picture available in your mind? Probably not!

When you’re sat at home, looking out of the window at another dreary, grey day, the Caribbean really does offer an escape like no other, and the good news is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. Many honeymooners head to the Caribbean to give them memories to last a lifetime, and this means you can rest in total and utter luxury, being waited on hand and foot. Of course, many people choose to actually get married on a Caribbean beach, and this will mean that your photographs are more than memorable!

Golfing enthusiasts love the idea of playing their game of choice, surrounded by the endless blue of the sea, and green, lush landscapes around them, whilst other people simply want to enjoy the wonder of Mother Nature, which is available at every single turn of your head.

Cruises are of course a fantastic way to explore this region, so you could opt to spend a week or so based on an island of your choice, before heading off on a mini cruise for a few days, checking out some of the other nearby islands. As another idea, perhaps opt for a twin centre break, enjoying a few days in Florida in the USA, before heading off to your island for a castaway break with a difference.

The great thing about the Caribbean is that it is flexible, and you can tailor-make your vacation to be anything you want it to be. From luxury accommodation, personal butlers, huge all inclusive, five star hotels, and bungalows over the sea, to more budget choices on offer too – there is an option for everyone, and that is why the Caribbean is becoming so much more open than ever before.

As a final note, we have to mention the weather. Year-around, brilliant, warm, and fantastic weather! Yes, during the Atlantic Hurricane season there is a chance that you may experience a day or two of adverse weather, but the chances of this are rare, and the islands are extremely well prepared for such occurrences. Forecasts are extremely long-range too, and even if a hurricane was to occur, the chances of it hitting your island directly are quite low, to say the least. Don’t let this put you off!

So, if you’ve been dreaming of a castaway break in the beautiful blue of the Caribbean, perhaps now is the time to make that dream a total reality! Lower costs, easier flights, and the very real chance to enjoy your time like never before.

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