Best Beach Destinations in Africa

Photo Credit: slack12 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: slack12 via photopin cc

Africa is a continent rich with beautiful beaches.  From the mainland coasts to the offshore islands, you can find plenty of world class beaches.  While some beaches lay off the beaten path with all the remote beauty of a forgotten paradise, many other beaches have become world renown with excellent hotel and resort options.  Below are some of our favorite beaches in Africa that you might want to consider adding to your next holiday.

Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands, off the east coast of Africa, are literally some of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Beaches here are plentiful but the island of Praslin, the archipelago’s second largest and most popular island, has some of the best of the best.

Anse Lazio has been voted one of the top beaches in Africa and once you visit, it is easy to see why.  Located on the northwest tip of the island, it is postcard perfect with swaying palm trees, a wide white sand beach, and giant boulders framing the expanse of sand.  Despite it’s popularity, it rarely feels too crowded.  There are two nice restaurants near the beach and great snorkeling offshore.

Watamu, Kenya

When most people think of a Kenyan vacation, they think safari.  While the country is certainly a popular safari option, consider adding on a few extra days to your safari for a relaxing beach vacation.  Kenya’s coastline has a few really great option but Watamu tops them all.

This small coastal village is all about eco and sustainable tourism.  The gorgeous white sand beach is lined with eco-friendly hotel options.  The beach is also just a short distance from the protected the Watamu Marine National Park, home to some of the best snorkeling and diving sites off Africa’s east coast.  Nearby Turtle Bay also has a great beach, protected within the Marine Park, giving it a peaceful undeveloped feel.

Camps Bay, South Africa

One of Cape Town’s most affluent suburbs, Camps Bay has become a top beach vacation destination for both foreigners and African families.  The neighborhoods is actually home to a number of popular beaches, nice beach hotels, and great nightlife.

Oudekraal is a set of small beaches, separated by boulders, and popular with picnicking families.  The main Camps Bay Beach is the largest beach, the most popular, and a Blue Flag awarded beach for safety.  For divers, Lui Bay is the best option.  Here you can dive the remains of two old scrap vessels, accidentally sunk during a storm.

Paje Beach, Tanzania

The Zanzibar archipelago, consisting of two islands off the mainland coast of Tanzania, is a top African beach vacation spot.  The main island of Unguja has all the most popular beach options and a much greater tourism/hotel infrastructure.  Out of all the beaches of Zanzibar, it is hard to choose a favorite but if I had to pick just one, it would be Paje Beach on the southeastern side of the island.

Paje not only has a great beach but also a great lagoon.  The shallow, sandy lagoon is a good place to learn kitesurfing.  Also popular here are the Scuba diving lessons.  The beach itself is relaxed with a very local feel.  You’ll see young boys playing soccer on the beach almost every night and local fisherman working throughout the day.

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