Excursions are the Way to Go


When you go away on holiday, it’s almost important to get out and about, and explore the surrounding area. A lot of the time, we don’t venture very far past our hotel, but that is a mistake, because wherever in the world you visit, you’re sure to be missing out on some beautiful scenery, or a landmark of cultural or historical significance. Excursions are the perfect way to explore the area in a safe and controlled way, all with the help of a guide, more often than not.

Despite that fact, excursions cost money, and when you’ve already committed a large amount of money to a holiday, you might be loathed to throw more at it, whether you want to explore or not. It’s for that reason it’s important to save as much as possible before you jet off, because that will leave you with more spare to enjoy yourself whilst you’re there. Driving yourself to the airport is a good way to save money, especially if you’re travelling with a family, because it cuts out the need to pay x amount of times for a bus or train, and you can always find fantastic deals on parking spots with Airparks, no matter where you’re flying from. England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you will find a service to suit you, with parking at Gatwick offered at fantastic rates too. It’s certainly a good idea to save a little at this point, to put towards your excursions once you land in resort.

If you make the effort to attend the welcome meeting your rep will put on for you, you will no doubt be given a lot of information about your particular company’s own excursions, and given the hard sell whilst there. I personally wouldn’t go with this, and instead I’d use your welcome meeting as a good opportunity to find out who your rep is, in case of a problem, but also to get information about the excursions that are offered around your particular resort, giving you an idea of what kinds of trips you might like to go on. Armed with that information, head out onto the resort streets and you will find all manner of street vendors and stores selling the same trip for competitive prices. Haggle a little and you might find you get a trip free, especially if there are a lot of you in your group, or a discounted price. You wouldn’t get this if you booked from your rep!

Whether you opt for a boat trip, a jeep safari, a village tour, a water-park, or a trip to the markets, always make sure you choose trips that showcase the area you’re visiting, because if this is the only way you’re going to get out and explore, then it’s worthwhile making it the best it can be.

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