Family Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

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It’s an unfortunate fact these days that if you want to take your kids on holiday then you have to wait until the school holidays. You might think this is a no-brainer, of course you do, but this has a major downside – costs are higher.

There is no getting around the fact that if you want to go away during July and August then you’re going to have to pay for it, but there are a few ways to tweak your travel plans in order to save here and there, with some giving you major savings.

How do you travel to the airport? This is a simple enough question, but one that few people give much thought to. If you travel by coach or train as a family then you could be wasting money, as well as adding unnecessary stress onto your travel day. Driving and booking airport parking is a much more cost effective option, and a calmer way of getting to the check-in desk too. I regularly book Stansted parking for my holidays, and I always receive a fantastic level of service, not to mention a great deal.

Looking at where you fly from could be a good way to save here and there, as well as the day you fly on – weekday flights are usually cheaper than weekends, so try and head away mid-week if at all possible.

Board basis is another possible saver in the long run. If you book all inclusive then yes, you are going to pay more at the booking stage, but think how much you will save whilst you’re away without having to budget for food and endless soft drinks!

We then of course have the choice of when to go away. Now, we mentioned that July and August are always going to be more expensive, and unfortunately there is no getting around this fact. Having said that however, if you look at where you fly from and when then you might find you get it a little cheaper. Personally however I’d be looking towards the earlier part of the year, or the latter end. I have gone away during October half term on a couple of occasions and I’ve had nothing but wall to wall sun, and still plenty of places fully open. Of course you might find weather not 100% guaranteed, but you’re unlikely to get a total wash out, and the costs are much cheaper, giving you another cost-saving option.

As you can see, family holidays without breaking the bank are possible, it’s just a case of being a little clever with how you book it, and when. If you can master these ways of saving money, you’ll have more to spend whilst you’re away, equally more enjoyment for all the family.

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