Looking for Unusual Accommodation?


If you’re bored of the usual bed & breakfast or hotel combination when you head off on your vacation, perhaps you’re starting to look for something a little different, even a little unusual perhaps.

Whilst there’s no denying that there will always be a place for the traditional hotel-style accommodation, from time to time it’s good to shake things up a little, and maybe change your travel plans to make new memories and experiences.

If you’re intrigued and wondering how all of this works, check out these suggestions.

Rent a House of the Rich & Famous

Fancy renting Elizabeth Taylor’s Palm Springs abode? Well you can! It’s not as expensive as you might think either, as Schofields recently put together a list of the most affordable celebrity homes for rent, and you’ll be surprised at the low price tag of most of them. Click here to check out a few other slightly more obscure and celebrity-based accommodation options if you are really enthralled by the idea of walking the same halls as a megastar!


If camping isn’t for you, perhaps down to the whole sleeping on the floor with the bugs kind of deal, but you love the idea of the great outdoors, then perhaps glamping is for you instead. This is camping with a major upgrade, and you can even stay in top class wooden huts, which have all mod cons installed. You can glamp in many destinations these days, including several fantastic resorts in Croatia and Italy, perhaps around the Lake Como or Lake Garda area.

Tree houses

Yes, you read that right! Many campsites now have the option of staying in a tree house, which is literally what it says on the tin. No worrying about crawling bugs on the ground, and a fantastic off the floor view of the sunset, can you imagine? No wonder this is one option which is becoming increasingly popular.


Road trips are iconic, and will always be popular regardless of any other trend which comes around. Motorhomes are now so packed with mod cons and modern styles that you could be forgiven for thinking you are actually staying in a hotel. Of course, the beauty of a motorhome is the freedom that comes with it, and you will never be too far away from a convenience store to stock up on your home comforts and essentials.

You might have tried a couple of these accommodation options before, but there’s no denying that shaking up your choices could bring a different edge to your travel plans.

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