Rome on The Road


Certain cities are iconic, be it for history, fashion, food, landscapes, culture, or something else entirely; whenever you picture that place in your mind, you immediately receive images into your brain, and you begin to dream of visiting. Paris, London, Milan, New York – these are all cities which have this powerful effect, but one which is steeped in history and beauty, is perhaps the most iconic of all.

City breaks to Rome are all about sightseeing, amazing food, and gorgeous landscapes, and it is pretty much guaranteed that one visit will never be enough. Getting around this Italian powerhouse city is not difficult, thanks to a comprehensive public transport network, as well as being rather easy to enjoy on foot, however the best way to explore the city and its surrounding scenery is to drive.

To hire a car in Rome is perhaps one of the best ways to truly ‘see’ Rome and the countryside which sits just outside it. There are many road trips which start and end in Rome, giving you the chance to have a twin-centre type of Italian holiday, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Italy is a large country overall, and there are several road trips you can take, heading through famous cities and national parks, lakes, mountains, and stunning beaches, whilst calling in at famous vineyards for a spot of wine tasting. On top of all this, you have the mouth-watering Italian food to take into account, and with all of this combined, you’re looking at a holiday like no other.

We know that Rome is famous for the Colosseum, the Forum, as well as the Vatican City and Trevi Fountain, to name just a handful of famous areas and monuments, on top of amazing nightlife and shopping opportunities. Just a short two hours’ drive out of Rome you will find the National Park of Abruzzo, Maolise, and Lazio. This is a relatively unknown and therefore untouched area, which makes it extra special; here you can enjoy the mountain scenery, check out the wildlife, and hike a little if the mood takes you. Alternatively, the foothills of Sabina are a short journey from the city too. Again, you can hike here, or simply drive around Lake Albano and feel peaceful as can be. The Marcigliani Natural Reserve is wonderful for spending a few hours away, before driving to the summit of Mount Terminillo, for amazing views.

As you can see, there is a huge reward for those who decide to go down the car hire route when visiting Rome, instead of simply staying within the city itself.

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