The Hottest Destinations in Turkey Right Now

photo credit: J Alemañ via photopin cc

photo credit: J Alemañ via photopin cc


If you Google anything to do with cheap holidays this summer, you will no doubt have a Turkish holiday resort pop up before your eyes.

I’ve been going to Turkey for many years so I feel pretty well placed to explain to you why you should consider heading over in this direction, and where is hotter than hot for your summer holiday.

Regardless of where you go, during the summer months you’ll find countless cheap flights heading to Turkey, and I always tend to use Thomas Cook flights, because the price often right. When you combine this with cheap accommodation, whether you go all inclusive, self-catering, or somewhere in the middle, you’ll have much more to spend whilst you’re there.

So, where is hot this year?

Marmaris – I love this place. If you want fantastic night-life, water-sports, shopping, markets, fantastic restaurants, lots of cheap accommodation, and really friendly locals, then you can’t go far wrong. There are many excursions available too, so you can explore the countryside and mountains around the resort, which are stunning. A jeep safari is a fantastic and fun way to get out into the villages and scenery.

Icmeler – Next door to Marmaris you will find family-friendly Icmeler. A stay here is great for those who want to be near to the night-life, but don’t want to be stuck in the middle of it 24/7. Icmeler beach is also infinitely better than Marmaris beach, much wider, sandier, and there are also water-sports here too. Boat trips around the bay will show you the beauty of the area, usually stopping for a couple of hours in Turunc, a small tourist town with a pretty bay to explore.

Bodrum – For something a little more sophisticated, Bodrum and its picturesque castle is the place to go. This is where you’ll find the more Mediterranean vibe, with pretty cobbled streets and cafes, perfect for a spot of people watching. Bodrum doesn’t have its own beach, but nearby Gumbet and Altinkum do, so it’s a good way to have a city break, with a nearby beach holiday too. Best of both worlds!

Gumbet – We mentioned Gumbet as the nearest beach to Bodrum, but do bear in mind that it is also Turkey’s only Club 18-30s destination, so you can expect very bright and very loud night-life. You won’t find much life during the day before around 2pm, because most people are still recovering from the night before, so this is a good time to head out and explore, and bag yourself a good spot on the beach!

Alanya – Still on the south coast of Turkey, but heading east, you’ll find pretty Alanya. The name itself sounds good, don’t you think? Alanya is a large resort, much larger than popular Marmaris, and because of that everything feels less cramped, and more spread out. The beach is beautiful, and again night-life is popular.

Side – If you love history, ruins, architecture, and blue, blue sea, then Side is for you. Pronounced ‘seeee-day’, you’ll find white washed Roman ruins perched high on the mountain top, stunning against the blue of the sea. Side is quite small, but that makes it quieter and more chilled out. You can easily get out into the countryside again, with gorges, mountains and hills in easy access.

Istanbul – Finally, we of course have the city that crosses Asia and Europe. There is far too much to write about Istanbul in one paragraph, but put simply, it’s somewhere everyone must visit once; an intoxicating blend of culture and history, with plenty of the modern thrown in there too.

Turkish delight? There are too many destinations to explore in one go in Turkey, but if you see that cheap break during your holiday search, grab it with two hands!

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