Theme Parks in California for Adults  

Photo Credit: Justin in SD via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Justin in SD via photopin cc

They might be filled with kids and they sure top the list when it comes to dream family vacations but theme parks are not just a playground for the young among us.  From powerful rollercoasters to beer gardens, more and more theme parks are designing attractions with adults in mind.  Below are a few of our favorite California theme parks that are still a blast at any age.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

When it comes to roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the king of them all.  And while that 200 foot drop or those corkscrew loops might have made kid-you wet his pants, now you can tackle the best of the best in roller coaster thrills.  Theme parks appeal to kids with cute characters and princesses but they know that the majority of their adult fans want speed and a bit of adrenaline.  Six Flags Magic Mountain delivers just that.

Known for having the “world’s largest collection of roller coasters,” Six Flags also delivers with events and shows that will appeal to the adult crowd.  There are usually at least a few concert shows per year, their Full Throttle Nights with music and special effects, and the yearly Fright Fest which is one of the few “haunted house” experiences that will truly scare you once you are an adult.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Another great California theme park for adults would be the classic favorite – Knott’s Berry Farm.  With a nice mix of both scary, thrill rides and interesting shows, it appeals to even more adults.  Unlike other theme parks in the area, at Knott’s the “characters” are even adult-friendly favorites like the Peanuts gang.  Really how many kids nowadays even know who Charlie Brown is?

For rides, check out the park’s Perilous Plunge roller coaster which is the closest you’ll probably ever get to going over a waterfall.  One of the best shows is the special-effects Mystery Lodge which tells a great story about the Native American Indians and is a highlight with people of all ages.  Overall Knott’s Berry Farm has a more relaxed feel than other kid-focused theme parks, making it a great place to experience “being a kid again” without feeling like a fish out of water in a world of cartoons.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The best overall California theme park for adults would probably be Universal Studios Hollywood.  Not only does it usually have a lot less young kids running around, the park is packed with high adrenaline rides, special effects, and action packed shows perfect for adults.  The park also hides a lot of adult humor if you know where to look and even it’s kid-favorites like Shrek come with a bit of adult appeal.

The movie-themed park has lots of attractions based on new kid-favorites like Despicable Me but also brings in the classic with the Jurassic Park Ride or the action packed WaterWorld Show.  Relive your childhood favorites with the World Famous Studio Tour.  You will see Jaws up close, ride through Courthouse Square from Back to the Future, and even see the famous Bates Motel from Psycho.

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